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As they are made with completely transparent BPA-free material hence they are extremely difficult to spot. Plus our aligners are created using a complete digital 3D model of your teeth using german technology hence they fit on each tooth perfectly. So you can easily wear smilist aligners on a daily basis without anyone noticing.
Of the many benefits that aligners offer is that there are no food restrictions when it comes to what you can and cannot eat. While eating, you can simply remove your aligners and put them back on after you have finished your meal and followed your routine of oral hygiene.
mySmilist aligners work brilliantly by using careful adjustments to help shift your teeth to a new position. Since the aligners are basically uniquely designed 3D printed models of your teeth, they do a brilliant job of moving the teeth to the desired position in order to get the final result. Aligners follow a sequence whereby each set makes a small desired move over a fixed period of 14-18 days and after that we replace it with the next set. And depending on the complexity this sequence can go up to 12-20 sets (or a bit more depending on the complexity of the case).
It has been found that when it comes to proper orthodontic treatment of teeth alignments, aligners have been more discreet when compared to braces. From being faster in improving overall teeth alignments to better oral hygiene, aligners truly have proven to be the more beneficial method in correcting teeth alignments.